Jude Connors Drops Debut Single New Religion

Jude Connors Drops Debut Single “New Religion”

Sometimes we do dumb shit for those we date, especially when we’re young (I am not exempt). Newcomer Jude Connors takes one such experience and translates it into his debut single, New Religion.

Inspired by a guy he dated who was really into 9/11 conspiracy theories and Banksy, the Calgary-based artist began to like him even more, for some bizarre reason, and even began to change himself. He would subsequently realize what a disastrous decision every piece of that situation was. “So I go wasting my days/ just looking for/ some excuse to find a new religion/ so I can worship you blind,” sings Connors, detailing his devotion to the charade. With the help of Rami’s light yet dark pop ambiance with thudding percussion and off-kilter guitar, Connors displays a promising level with his storytelling ability, and at only 18-years-old. Listen to his now ex-religion right here.