Listen To Julia Clara's Gorgeous Debut Anthem "Still Dancing"

Listen To Julia Clara’s Gorgeous Debut Anthem “Still Dancing”

Not much from Sweden hits these pages, but when it does, it’s phenomenal. Julia Clara is no different.

Already having made a name for herself on the Åland Islands, she’s now released her debut single Still Dancing. The song is all encompassing, hitting that sweet spot of  uptempo so yes, you can dance to it, but with glorious harmonies and stunning vocals. Using those mesmerizing vocal chords of hers, Clara sings about choosing to dance through life, “despite all misfortunes, all downfalls, all failures, and mistakes. Because we always have a choice. And when you can choose between standing still, walking or dancing; then why not dance?” Wise words that I should employ. Listen to the dramatic chamber pop anthem, Still Dancing, and fall in love and dance with Julia Clara.

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