Margot Sits In Traffic With Their Dreamy Coffee Stained Scars

Margot Sits In Traffic With Their Dreamy “Coffee Stained Scars”

Coffee Stained Scars is the latest dream pop single from the South London-based outfit Margot and is inspired by the fantastic film, Lady Bird.

Melancholic guitars twirl and twinkle with a breezy backdrop, soft and charming as your mind drifts towards unrelenting hopelessness and you laugh, laugh, laugh your way through a red light.

“‘Coffee Stain Scars’ is a middle-aged man’s wet-traffic-ridden journey, and his partners anxiety regarding his mental fortitude.” explains singer Alex Hannaway. “I’ve had experience with adults of that age stoically withholding information in regards to their mental health and I’ve seen how this can affect friends and family. It’s desperation, it’s unconditional love, and a hope that things can turn around.”

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