Premiere Kaixen Links Up With The Loft For WTFAY

Premiere: Kaixen Links Up With The Loft For “WTFAY”

You can always count on Kaixen to release consistently good music while pushing his abilities as an artist with each release. In between, he seems to always be playing a gig with his band, WNWD, or DJing somewhere in Miami. He lives and breathes music.

On his latest cut, he’s teamed up with his local friend and vocalist, The Loft, to ask WTFAY (Who The Fuck Are You). “The lies are forgotten/ When you’re tasting her spit,” sings The Loft, reflecting on how easily it is to go back to an old flame despite how terrible things may have ended. There’s a somber taste of loss and bewilderment on his tongue that cuts through the guitar licks in the back and the weight of Kaixen’s signature emotive bass. At a complete loss for what happened and the emotional torture that was endured, they can only question who this person is and whether they’re even capable of love. Yet at the same time, you must ask yourself: who the fuck are you and are you capable of love?

You can find WTFAY and the recently featured Trenches on Kaixen’s forthcoming project, along with new music with The Loft.