Pet Fangs Are Dancing While They're Gold Coast Dreaming

Pet Fangs Are Dancing While They’re “Gold Coast Dreaming”

Hailing from South Louisiana, Pet Fangs is the band made up of brothers Joe and David Stark from band Baby Bee, bassist, songwriter, and creative visionary Jory Cordy, and multi-instrumentalist Ben Alleman. Bridging the gap between old and new, organic and digital, the quartet’s debut single is Gold Coast Dreaming.

Through blending their influences of older decades with contemporary sounds and a no limit view of experimentation, Gold Goast Dreaming has a vintage aura with modern sensibilities. A groovy bass line opens with the lines “I’ve been walking and talking/ Like I’m sure as shit/ Gonna keep it straight ballin’.” The subsequent confidence exudes through lofty textures and a groovy spaced out soundscape that’s enveloped with the kisses of polished honey. They may chant “no more dancing” but dancing on electric shores like of swarm of inflamed waving hands will be had by all.

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