Watch The DIY Video For Seakers Introspective & Languid Fireworks

Watch The DIY Video For Seakers Introspective & Languid “Fireworks”

Fireworks is Seaker’s third release of the year and follows “Dreaming” and “Words”. Inspired by deep conversations with friends and the subsequent emotional feelings that we carry within us, the introspective Fireworks is languid and stretches over the folds of your skin. This is the inevitable collapse, pulverizing acceptance, and lamentable end.

Joining the single is an emotive video made by Seaker herself. Speaking on the inspiration, she says:

“I was looking online at stock footage as I had some visual snapshots in my head for a video and wanted to explore some ideas. I found myself getting so drawn in to these stock clips of strangers going through various different emotions that I ended up crying at snippet scenes of people looking at each other in a particular way. It really made me feel the power of human connectivity and how emotions and visual cues transcend speaking to or even knowing the person, even in a four-second clip.

I decided to try and pull together a narrative made up entirely from free stock footage clips from the internet. I played the track on loop and tried to match these unknown faces and experiences to moments within and the general motive behind the song.”

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