Seaker Returns With The Beautiful New Words

Seaker Returns With The Beautiful New “Words”

It’s been over a year since Seaker released her last single, “The Waters”, but the Brit has finally returned with a new single titled Words.

“‘Words’ is a song about the ins and outs of love, so you might call it a love song, sort of,” says Seaker. “It’s about how emotions fall outside of boxes and also the vast and confusing depths of emotion we’re capable of feeling when we’re really connected to someone. It’s also about hoping you’re enough for someone you really love and trying to explain how you feel, but the words never seem to say enough.”

Beginning with an ambient hum, Words gradually builds with a lapping tide of textures. They swell with delicate restraint yet feel on the verge of flooding the cracks and filling your lungs. Alongside the endless swell is Seaker with a haunting elegance. Her voice rests on the precipice with a quiet roar that shivers and trembles throughout, and the morsels of her love are felt.

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