Tee Krispil Drops Debut Video For Let It Slide

Tee Krispil Drops Debut Video For “Let It Slide”

The People North West member Tee Krispil brings her lyric heavy hip-hop and slick flow to life for her latest cut titled, Let It Slide. Over the 90’s inspired beat, Krispil discusses inner turmoil as she and friends show off some swagger while also remaining pretty silly. You might get a little hungry after this. Speaking of the single, the Toronto-based artist says:

Tee’s thoughts on the song & video: As my debut video, I really wanted something that showcased who I am as a person. It’s equally bossy as it is goofy and I’m happy to say it was fully produced by women. I love working with all girls on productions, and working with Claire and Gizelle of NMTE productions was such a breeze, our visions automatically aligned and co-directing was absolutely seamless. The single is about fighting inner conflict, I wrote it in relation to a party setting, but the message can be applied to anything you battle with. “Get a grip, or Let it Slide?”… it’s about using your intuition and learning what you need to be the best version of yourself, but also not being too obsessive. I’m a pretty self-taught person, which I feel has helped me become really self-aware. I’ve used that energy to make music and find ways to be relatable. It’s always the debate… get a grip or let it slide?

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