The Fontaines Pull A Catch And Release With Evaporate

The Fontaines Pull A Catch-And-Release With “Evaporate”

After growing up all around the world as kids, brother-sister duo Charlotte (vocals) and Hank Fontaine (guitar) began writing new-wave influenced music. As The Fontaines with the help of  Chrystian Kaplan (drums) and Daniel Zuker (bass), the LA-based band has released Evaporate.

Released just a few days prior to Valentine’s Day, where every thematic song was about love, lust, and the ravages of heartbreak, The Fontaines have taken a different route. “Evaporate is about that guy you don’t wanna tell your friends about. It isn’t love, but both of you keep it going anyways,” explained Charlotte. It’s a light anthem of sparkling pop with playful guitars and teasing vocals that serve as a reminder that sometimes it’s just fun and games, no matter which sex you are. So keep those bountiful of backstrokes in line and hit Evaporate below and look out for the debut LP, sometime this year.