Yoke Lore Announces New EP & Shares Lucid Fake You

Yoke Lore Announces New EP & Shares Lucid “Fake You”

Following last summer’s “Goodpain” EP, which featured the wondrous “World Wings“, Yoke Lore (Adrian Galvin) has announced a new EP titled, “Absolutes”. For the single, the multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and dancer has released Fake You – a lush reflection on those that front.

“‘Fake You’ is about the difficulty of realizing your perception of someone doesn’t necessarily match who they really are,” explains Galvin. A pulse of pads ruminate with a rumble beneath vocals that pierce and hang still like a burning star. With a lucid flux, banjo notes and an array of textures hum and swell, push and pull, roll and burst between the morning light and the shadows of a real you.

“Goodpain” is an EP of absolute conflicts, explains Galvin. “There must be a balance, some movement and some pull. A life of absolutes is no life at all.”

Catch Yoke Lore at The Drake on April 21 with Frenship.

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