Yoke Lore Announces EP And Shares Uplifting World Wings

Yoke Lore Announces EP And Shares Uplifting “World Wings”

The last we heard from the emerging Yoke Lore (Adrian Galvin) was for a remix of his Hold Me Down by Gilligan Moss. Now with an EP due for this spring, the emerging artist has released World Wings.

Inspired by the trepidation and insecurities we may often feel from pursuing dreams or feelings of pessimism and hopelessness, Galvin reminds us to spread our wings. “This song is about starting to whip the wings you have to shake things up around you,” says Galvin. “If you sit still, you’ll be left behind; get up and don’t let anyone tell you to sit down. When things are hopeless, just keep moving.” With its uplifting and expansive soundscape of lush textures, World Wings soars forward with elated tribal drums and harmonies that flutter around you. “Just whip your wings, I’ll keep you moving/ Feel with your lungs, I’ll keep you breathing,” sings Galvin to a climax of triumphant horns that lift you above your exhausted woes.

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