Brandyn Burnette Releases Brooding Single Escape

Brandyn Burnette Releases Brooding Single “Escape”

With two EPs released within six months of each other, Brandyn Burnette is on a constant hustle and is now gearing up for his next EP. The first taste from his forthcoming project, Feature Films III, is Escape.

The mind is a treacherous creature. A hallucinatory cabal of black pus that chews on the fiber of your memories and the neurosis that looms over you. In the brooding ambient space of Escape, Burnette sings, “don’t think about it if you don’t need to/ the mind is a prison that you can’t escape.” It’s these destructive and deceptive thoughts that strangle us with an ever fastened serpent, beholden to the grip that we along with Burnette seek to escape from. If you too seek such an escape, this captivating single just might help you do so.