Harrison Brome's Brooding Body High Is A Must Listen

Harrison Brome’s Brooding “Body High” Is A Must Listen

At only 20-years-old, Harrison Brome is already proving to be a mature force of musical prowess with the release of last year’s Fill Your Brains EP. Last week would see the release of his first new single since titled Body High.

This musical prodigy channels the gloom of his hometown of Vancouver into his music with a refined touch of brooding R&B melodies and a distinct vocal range. On Body High, his sexiest track to date, the sensual soundscape drips with unbridled lust amongst rapacious youth. Late summer nights are spent out in the humid air with the moon glistening with a scorched spotlight until they stumble indoors with passionate leeches for hands that claw at clothes and limbs. A fever of sweat and lips made of geraniums become intoxicated with the ivory skin flakes that consume the air in what feels like the last moment in your earthly body.

Harrison Brome is a must follow.

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