NONA Shares Animated Psychedelic Video For Girls

NONA Shares Animated Psychedelic Video For “Girls”

After spendings years touring and writing with various bands including Awolnation, Goldroom, Sego, The Moth & The Flame, and Meg Myers, Michael Goldman was subsequently driven to create his own work that was him and only him, without compromise. Now under the moniker NONA, the LA-based artist creates indie-rock with a penchant for gleaming surf-rock guitars that howl and weave through his sun-lit vocals. 

From NONA’s debut EP, “Otherways“, is a new video for Girls. Inspired by the relentless torture some couples put themselves through, the video follows a couple in an animated psychedelic roar. Speaking on the video, director Zachary Zezima said, “This animation is inspired by real-life relationships and the cycle of pain some couples seem to inflict on one another. There can be a feeling of ownership over each other’s bodies and minds which devolves into resentment if not resolved, and this film uses these ideas as a jumping off point for a metaphorical interpretation of such a situation.

Goldman added, “I’ve worked with Zach before and love his work. This video came together almost serendipitously. Zach had pretty much finished the animation and was seeking a home for it when he reached out to me. I knew instantly it would be perfect for ‘Girls’. Both the song and animation share the same dysfunctional core of love and resentment.”

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