narou & iris Reflect On Heartache With Dynamic Her Love

narou & iris Reflect On Heartache With Dynamic “Her Love”

With a long slew of singles featuring a wide array of collaborators, narou’s latest offering finds him linking up with singer iris. Her Love is a soulful slice with sweeping synths and intoxicating dual vocals as the two reflect on heartache while remaining uplifting.

Speaking on the inspiration and creating with iris, narou says:

“‘Her Love’ is the story of losing someone who is manipulative. You still love that person but you realised that you never actually felt love back.

I really like the fact that Iris and I are both talking about a different experience that however in fact was really similar. The combination of a female and male voice projects the idea of an argument or a back and forth between the two of us. I really tried to combine organic instruments with heavy synths that would enhance the dramatic message of the choruses. I went to Norway last summer and we created this track in just one session. She is such an amazing artist and I am so happy to have created this track with her.”

Iris added:

“For me, the lyrics are about mind-control, somewhere where there is no love left, only selfishness. Trying to please, trying to be loving, but it doesn’t work. And you’re realizing you don’t really get anything back. And she just wants to be wanted.”