Shagabond & Noah Show Their Vulnerable Side With "Genuine"

Shagabond & Noah Show Their Vulnerable Side With “Genuine”

Genuine is the second soulful single from Shagabond and Noah from their forthcoming collaborative EP, “Everything, All At Once”. Where their previous single, “Arouse”, was about carnal allure, Genuine is on the side of heartbreak.

“Thematically, ‘Genuine’ features Noah in a vulnerable place, questioning the loyalty of his partner at the time,” explains Shagabond. “She confessed something after a night out, leaving Noah contemplating whether or not she should have told him at all.” Pale notes bubble beneath a steady beat until the hook hits and a snap of enveloping waves seep and rumble. You can taste it reverberate as Noah’s doubt, disappointment, and despair sinks and it’s delicious.