Smooth Blaq & Nigel Tay Turn Down Sia's Cheap Thrills

Smooth Blaq & Nigel Tay Turn Down Sia’s “Cheap Thrills”

Cheap Thrills featuring Nigel Tay is the new single by mystery producer Smooth Blaq. The original from Sia and Sean Paul is a feverish island jam, so hearing it flipped into a downtempo and soulful rendition was a surprise. Smooth Blaq nails it with the mellow vibe while Tay’s vocals slide through your ears and covers you with warm silk. If he were on stage playing this with a live band, he’d gaze into your eyes and lock, serenading you with each breath.

With the Slightly EP due for release sometime this month, you can get a taste of it on Smooth Blaq’s instagram with several teasers. It sounds like it’s gonna be a fall favourite.

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