Wallace Loses Herself In The Dynamic Black Lake

Wallace Loses Herself In The Dynamic “Black Lake”

Following the funky jazz cut Diaspora, Sydney’s Wallace returns with something a little more melancholic titled, Black Lake. In this lake that opens like a sunk crater on the dead moon, Wallace croons about her readiness to descend into nothingness. Further and further, miles and miles, deeper and deeper with this person she loves. With a marimba-led melodic riff, she comes to realize this person isn’t ready to commit as live drums clash like the insatiable tide, hysterical and ugly. Strings weep alongside an upbeat soul backdrop with a shoreline of sensual waves as Wallace loses herself in the caress of obsidian floods.

Wallace provided some insight into the single:

“”Black Lake” attempts to capture the thoughts of someone who is in love and ready to commit to a person who isn’t. After finishing the tune, I was re-watching one of my favourite comedies, The Mighty Boosh, and realised with all the water imagery we’d weaved into our story, we’d accidentally written the song from the point of view of Old Gregg. We hadn’t landed on a title at this point so I suggested Black Lake, the home of the Baileys drinking, watercolour painting man himself.” 

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