narou & Hannah Jenkins Link Up For The Bubbling Prophecy

narou & Hannah Jenkins Link Up For The Bubbling “Prophecy”

The past year has seen the Vienna-born, Berlin-based narou collaborate with the likes of Temple Haze, James Hersey, a soon to be released single with James Chatburn, and more. For his latest offering, he links up with Hannah Jenkins for Prophecy.

With Jenkins’ soulful honest vocals, Prophecy percolates with an array of crisp dancing notes that pitter patter with self-love and reassurance. Both Jenkins and narou provided some deeper insight:

“I wrote ‘Prophecy’ at a time when I was letting my own sense of self get clouded by other people’s expectations or definitions of yourself – whether it’s a romantic partner or even friends and family. Once you let go of that, get in touch with your own currency and give yourself unconditional love, that’s where the magic lives for real. Deep down I knew narou would do an awesome job in realizing the full potential of it because I really dig his sort of weird and simplistic style in a lot of his earlier stuff so I ran it by him and he made it what it is.” – Hannah Jenkins

“In the beginning, we struggled with the structure and overall mood of the song. I always felt like it needed a stronger hook so I decided to write something and sing it myself. Surprisingly our voices fit together perfectly. The Idea for the lyrics were to answer to Hannahs cry for love. Saying that no one involved really knows what’s going on and that both sides seem confused and hesitant over what to do with their feelings. We hope people resonate with it and see a way out of their own patterns of destructive thinking. And know it’s not the end of the world when shit happens to you. You gotta dive deep and find the answers within yourself. And yeah we want people to be nice to themselves and identify and own their own beauty.” – narou

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