Zuma. & Nsolo Lament Over Summer Love On "Simmer"

Zuma. & Nsolo Lament Over Summer Love On “Simmer”

East meets West as Tokyo-based producer/dj Zuma. tags LA-based singer/producer Nsolo to lament over summer love. With a gentle melancholic tide, electric keys, and the rattle of percussion, Simmer is soulful and intoxicating with its dancehall groove. It’s like dreams dreamt from the shorelines of last glances and last words.

Of the single, Nsolo describes it as:

“an expression of nostalgia through the medium of a relationship that simply drifted out of both parties’ hands. Both people want to call each other – to reach out, but both have moved on to other things in their lives, and ultimately that’s okay. People sometimes drift into the ether of their lives and don’t happen to intertwine again, even if there are brief moments where it may seem like that reconnection will happen.”