Bad Wave Take You For A Ride With Coney Island Waltz

Bad Wave Take You For A Ride With “Coney Island Waltz”

Bad Wave’s Coney Island Waltz is murderously frantic. Distorted guitars and fuzzy gatling gun vocals are met with cosmic synths that loop and whirl like a kaleidoscopic cyclone, saturated with a burning static. And like your love, it continues on a blistered path of wild, frenetic energy where it swells, inflates, and beats with drunken madness.

“The song is a love story. A twisted one, but a love story nonetheless,” explains duo Patrick Hart and Tucker Tota. “And like the Cyclone on Coney Island, love will yank you up and down and make you wanna hurl. But all that really matters is you aren’t on the ride alone.” Ride it right here.

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