Bird Concerns Ask Why "Nobody Wants To Be My Baby"

Bird Concerns Ask Why “Nobody Wants To Be My Baby”

Bird Concerns originally began as an acoustic project by Travis Meador, Marcus Buser, and Cooper Wolken, but is now a charming four-piece with the help of Jake Sucher. Combining their classical and jazz experience, this Los Angeles-based outfit emits complex arrangements and subtle layers, creating smooth interlocked guitars with sun doused grooves like on their latest single, Nobody Wants To Be My Baby.

Is it worth it all to keep diving in heart first?

From their forthcoming EP, Is This Really Love?, the boys question whether it’s worth it to exhaust all that energy and the all-consuming emotions that follow with new found love interests. With their plump jangle of guitar licks and rich harmonies with an infectious hook that is undeniable, you’ll be all grooving in no time. “This song is about looking for love in all the wrong places,” says frontman Marcus Buser. “It captures the hope, anxiety, and excitement that everyone experiences as a young person who starts to go on dates and wear their heart on their sleeves.”

Hit play and dance around the room with Bird Concerns like you’re their baby.

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