Cuesta Loeb Asks To Let It Flow Free On Grass It Grows

Cuesta Loeb Asks To Let It Flow Free On “Grass It Grows”

Cuesta Loeb (Christina Cuesta Loeb) comes from a family of musicians, born to world-renown jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb and Spanish singer-songwriter/actress Carmen Cuesta. Growing up, she performed in orchestras but was unable to find her voice in classical music. It was until she moved to Los Angeles in 2015 that she began experimenting with her own songwriting and production. Now with several singles under, she’s released the latest titled Grass It Grows.

Inspired by The Smashing Pumpkins, Fiona Apple, and more, Grass It Grows is the kind of 90’s rock that you loved with grunge elements and a dream pop influence. A thick bass lumbers forward as Loeb sings about being free to be you with self-acceptance and not giving in to outside forces. “Let me be/ Let it flow free/ Fight the need/ To tell me how it should be,” she sings to a climax of swelling guitars and haunting melodies. For the single, she explained, “We are often told where to go, what to do, and how to think. But these rules are man-made, arbitrary and often times unnecessary. No one tells grass how to grow. It just does, free of any force or pressure.”

Cuesta Loeb’s debut EP, Dive, is due sometime this year.

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