Dendrons Share Tense New Single & Video For Forgiver
Kevin Allen

Dendrons Share Tense New Single & Video For “Forgiver”

Chicago-based Dendrons have been creating a buzz on the road with their visceral and physically immersive live performance since forming in 2018. Now, as they prepare to release their self-titled debut album, they’ve shared the third single titled Forgiver.

Previous singles ‘Dog’ and ‘Halfway’ displayed Dendrons’ caustic post-punk side and the band shifts down on Forgiver. Written during an isolated period on New Year’s Eve, there’s a tension that rests here, ready to spill beneath steady drums and soft drifting vocals that plead, “go easy, please.” That tension is brought to life by Adam Stewart in a video that’s just as anxious with close shots of shifting transposed textures. Watch and listen here.