Elephant Castle Captures Love At First Sight On Euphoria

Elephant Castle Captures Love At First Sight On “Euphoria”

Following several vibrant psych-rock releases this year like “Cool To Be Unhappy” and “I’m A Loser”, Elephant Castle (​Phil Danyew) returns with Euphoria.

Slow steady percussion and an atmospheric hum, like the monotony around you, plunges into warped swirling notes like “love at first sight.” Speaking on the inspiration, Danyew says:

I met my wife at the LAX airport in Los Angeles. We were on different flights leaving out of the same gate. Come to find out later we lived five blocks away from each other. The first time we saw each other it was like laser beam focus. I’ve never experienced anything like that. This song is about her and the serendipitous feeling you get when something that is meant to be comes into your life unexpectedly.