Oakland's TOPE Spread Positive Vibes With Thank You

TOPE Spread Positive Vibes With “Thank You”

Following a massive year, Oakland artist TOPE links up with Stewart Villain, Erikka J, and Farnell Newton to say Thank You.

As an ode to all the people who have challenged him and his passion, including the doubt from a significant other and more, Thank You is all positive vibes. With Newton’s trumpet and Erikka J’s soulful voice, this is your new jazzy pick me up anthem. In a letter on his website, TOPE explained:

“For me ‘Thank You’ speaks on a personal relationship in my life, our ups and downs, and wanting to prove my partner wrong whenever she said I wouldn’t do this or do that. But it’s not only this one relationship, it represents a lot of people in my life. Sometimes you really have to thank those people, or issues, that put you through hard times, because it makes you stronger in the end.”

You can read the rest of his letter here.