Pale Moon Share New Single & Video For Stranger

Pale Moon Share New Single & Video For “Stranger”

Barcelona-based duo Pale Moon released their debut EP ‘Dust of Days’ last year – including a stellar video for ‘Exile’ which we spoke about here. Árni and Natasha return with their first new release titled Stranger. 

Written in the middle of the Spanish countryside during quarantine lockdown, Stranger lifts from that Spanish scenery. Lush arrangements and divine harmonies roll, flutter, and drift with a dimple of melancholy as they reflect on the pursuit of happiness. It might just be what you need today.

Speaking on its roots, Árni says, “It’s not the first version of the song, in fact there were five. At one point we had a mixed and mastered version on our hands and I decided to play it to our friend, who came over after the lockdown was lifted. Maybe it was just a red wine, but I hated the busy arrangement so much, we decided to start over.”

Joining Stranger is an Órbita produced video that follows the duo playing lovers in a dystopian world that will leave asking you more questions than when it began.