Harmony Byrne Shares Laments Humanity On Debut Demise

Harmony Byrne Laments Humanity On Debut “Demise”

Newcomer Harmony Byrne started out as a singer in the Mormon church before falling in love with classic rock n’ roll as a teenager. These influences mixed with psychedelic blues brings us her debut single, Demise.

With raw and soulful vocals, Byrne laments the demise of humanity with the slow stutter step of guitars and steady drums before taking flight. Her vocals pierce like a flash of lightning from the behind the mountain as she howls for a call to arms. Of the single, Harmony Byrne says:

“I wrote ‘Demise’ over the course of many years, starting with the spoken word part in 2011 when I was listening to The Doors a lot and was inspired by their lyrics. I recorded the song out in the forest to tape, live with my band and best friends. I wanted it to capture the demise of humanity. It’s a call to be better, to listen, to love, to be greater than our flesh seemingly permits us, and it’s an acknowledgment that we are all in it together.”