J. Laser Drops A Mesmerizing AI Video For Orpheus

J. Laser Drops A Mesmerizing AI Video For “Orpheus”

J. Laser is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Jordan Lawlor, formerly of M83 during the “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming Tour” and onwards. Now as a solo act with his own small group of collaborators, he blends modern electronic production with sonic manipulations and classic songwriting.

With two singles under him, he’s shared the third which began with a trip to the record store. It was here that Lawlor picked up a handful of dusty 45’s and took them home to his studio. He threw the first one on the record player and dropped the needle at random. It landed on a wobbly excerpt of a harp solo, which he then took and warped beyond recognition, to form the basis of the track. During this time, he was also learning about the Ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, in which Orpheus fails to save his wife by leading her out of the Underworld and discovered numerous parallels between the story and the harp sample he’d been working with.

“Orpheus was known as a great musician, playing an instrument known as The Lyre- kind of an archaic harp,” explains Lawlor. “I found an obvious likeness between the tragic narrative of Orpheus and the twisted and warped harp sample I had found on my day of crate digging and began writing the song. Throughout the song, there are many lyrical insinuations of looking back, being caught in behavioral loops, being both repulsed and allured by a memory all at once. The same goes for the instrumental soundscape, nearly every instrument is warped, reversed or oscillating upon itself in an endless feedback loop.”

The result is a psychedelic dose of electronica with deep bass and a candelabra of warped textures that envelop you. The single is joined by a mesmerizing video made by Lawlor featuring new AI technology. Watch it right here.

Orpheus will feature on J. Laser’s debut EP, due for release later this year.