Listen to Harrowgrove's Industrial R&B 3AMThe Descent

Listen to Harrowgrove’s Industrial R&B “3AM//The Descent”

3AM//The Descent is the first single from Harrowgrove’s (C.J. Davis) forthcoming album and it’s unlike anything you’ve heard.

From the deep woods of New Jersey, 3AM//The Descent lurches forward with an ominous bass and little cracks and fizzles that flicker behind the trees. When Davis begins singing, his desires and urges crawl off his tongue and lure you into the shadows. Upon entering his world, textured synths erupt and a menacing guitar enters this haunting sonic realm. Produced and written on his own, this multi-instrumentalist has created a unique soundscape of industrial trip-hop R&B, and it’s addictive.

Listen below right now and look for Harrowgrove’s album in February.