Jom Comyn Releases Sprawling Album Featuring New Feeling

Jom Comyn Releases Sprawling Album Featuring “New Feeling”

Jim Cuming is the man behind the Jom Comyn who last month released his latest largely self-produced album, I Need Love. Throughout this sprawling 28-song adventure, Cuming takes you through the lapping waves that is new love. New Feeling is the second single which details the beginning of a new relationship.

With a steady bassline that thuds like your heart when your eyes feast upon her and her essence fills the air with a frenzy of blooming lilacs, the Edmonton-based artist begins in that calming baritone of his, “Listen for a sound you’ve never heard, as soft as singing/ Living for something outside of you/ Spill the light inside of you.” This is new love in all its frightening glory. The despair dims and a new song begins cracking through the chaos that festers in your rancid gut. So accept this love and let it fill your desolate carcass with Jom Comyn’s help before it becomes a dog from hell.

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