Makeout Point Tease Debut EP With Volatile "In Memories"

Makeout Point Teases Debut EP With Volatile “In Memories”

Makeout Point is a five-piece outfit from Stockholm that mixes a slew of genres and describes themselves as “indie-violence”. The beginning of their new single In Memories may not sound that way but it quickly becomes so.

While In Memories begins with soft vocals and a light swirl, it subsequently propels with frantic guitars behind a thick gauze of ashen noise while vocalist Shiva Kazemi howls like a thousand gleaming tomahawks. “You’re a necessity and it’s messing me up, but I can’t… stop,” screams Kazemi with one final piercing wound from the serpent that gnaws at your heart.

Makeout Point’s debut EP, “Dear Audrey”, is due out later this Fall via Swedish indie label, Youth Recordings.

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