The Buoys Tease Sophomore EP & Battle Paranoia On Arm Wrestle

The Buoys Tease Sophomore EP & Battle Paranoia On “Arm Wrestle”

Paranoia, neurosis, self-sabotage. How is it easy to give in to these familiar themes versus tackling the situation with open eyes and a clear mind. On Arm Wrestle, Sydney-based garage-rock outfit The Buoys explore these thoughts with scuzzy guitars, a thick gauze of fuzz, and frontwoman Zoe’s raw lyrics culminating in a loud, infectious anthem. Of the single, Zoe says:

“‘Arm Wrestle’ came to be when I had to address the reality of a situation. I had to explore if my thoughts were rational, or if I was making things up in my head and self sabotaging. It details that inner voice argument of, ‘something really bad is going down’ vs ‘don’t be silly, it’s all in your head, you’re crazy’. It’s an exploration of what it’s like to gaslight yourself really, only to find out your gut was right and you weren’t paranoid after all.” 

Arm Wrestle can be found on The Buoys’ forthcoming sophomore EP, “Split Lip”, which is described as a “diary dumping ground” filled with uncertainty, disappointment, curiosity, and self-love.

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