Bradley Arthur Maxwell Shares Enthralling Alone

Bradley Arthur Maxwell Shares Enthralling “Alone”

Ask someone what it is that makes them feel alone and you’ll probably get various responses. Maybe it’s the crowd at a stadium, or missing a lost loved one, or the self-imposed isolation of our digital age.

The LA-based, Newfoundland-raised Bradley Arthur Maxwell examines loneliness on his new single AloneIt’s a slow-burn of indie-folk that feels vast like the windswept prairies as Maxwell’s quivering vocals drift along the brutal open landscape

This beauty is joined by a smartphone shot video to amplify the theme of isolation that the hyper overuse of our phones can often cause. Footage was captured across multiple cities, over a four-month time period and is intended as an observational piece to reflect society and where most of our focus currently lies – in our devices rather than with the world and those around us. It is stylistically voyeuristic yet like a mirror, provides a look at ourselves. A reminder for us to look up a little more often.

Catch Bradley Arthur Maxwell this Spring/Summer with The Once:

6/3 Cornerbrook, NL – Rotary Arts Centre

6/4 Cornerbrook, NL – Rotary Arts Centre

6/8 Toronto, ON – Dakota Tavern

6/11 Manhattan, NY – TBD

6/13 Brooklyn, NY – TBD

6/19-22 – Greenville, NY – Over Yondr Festival