Ask someone what it is that makes them feel alone and you’ll probably get various responses. Maybe it’s the crowd at a stadium, or missing a lost loved one, or the self-imposed isolation of our digital age.

The LA-based, Newfoundland-raised Bradley Arthur Maxwell examines loneliness on his new single AloneIt’s a slow-burn of indie-folk that feels vast like the windswept prairies as Maxwell’s quivering vocals drift along the brutal open landscape

This beauty is joined by a smartphone shot video to amplify the theme of isolation that the hyper overuse of our phones can often cause. Footage was captured across multiple cities, over a four-month time period and is intended as an observational piece to reflect society and where most of our focus currently lies – in our devices rather than with the world and those around us. It is stylistically voyeuristic yet like a mirror, provides a look at ourselves. A reminder for us to look up a little more often.

Catch Bradley Arthur Maxwell this Spring/Summer with The Once:

6/3 Cornerbrook, NL – Rotary Arts Centre

6/4 Cornerbrook, NL – Rotary Arts Centre

6/8 Toronto, ON – Dakota Tavern

6/11 Manhattan, NY – TBD

6/13 Brooklyn, NY – TBD

6/19-22 – Greenville, NY – Over Yondr Festival