The Good Minus Spill Into A Dreamy Realm With Wonderful

The Good Minus Spill Into A Dreamy Realm With “Wonderful”

Matt Welch (guitarist/vocalist), David Kean (bassist/vocalist), and Stu Hazelman (drummer/vocalist) are the Melbourne-based trio behind The Good Minus. Combining their experiences with other bands and their own unique backgrounds, the art-pop outfit fuses pop, psychedelic folk, and even funk.

Their latest single is Wonderful – an intricately woven piece with jangly guitars that twinkle amongst the trio’s harmonies. They subsequently stretch into a short burst, spiralling and spilling like an eternal duel with unstitched dreams, reflective and hallucinating.

Speaking about the track, Matt Welch said, “Most of our songs are quite lyrical but we wanted this one to be repetitive in lyrical content, almost like a mantra which matched the hypnotic guitar line.”

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