Aaron London Shares Intoxicating "The Good Vibe"

Aaron London Shares Intoxicating “The Good Vibe”

The artist/producer/audio engineer known as Aaron London has dabbled with producing, rapping, and songwriting. His latest gem is The Good Vibe, featuring an incredible mix of laid back 90s hip hop with jazz elements and a deep bass you’d find in a house song.

Opening with a live scene at a jazz club, the vocals and bass quietly begin as the crowd pays no attention to what’s happening on stage until “let’s vibe” is whispered. The cool smooth beat and breezy vocals kick in and begin to wash over you in a groovy warmth as you head nod from start to finish. Spin The Good Vibe and let Aaron London whisk you away in this feast of intoxicating butter as you forget your worries.

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