Eat Electricity Shares 4th EP This Year, "Airborne Ranger"

Eat Electricity Shares 4th EP This Year, “Airborne Ranger”

Eat Electricity is the new one man experience by Geoff Bennett, formerly of Toronto rock group The Mark Inside. With a decade of national exposure to the music scene, Bennett watched as the industry shifted into a monstrous being that he had no desire to be a part of.

In an effort to take matters into his own hands and without the pressure of industry expectations, Bennett writes, records, and designs and everything on his own. Airborne Ranger is his fourth EP in five months; something unfathomable under a label. Recorded on the spot as it was written, Airborne Ranger is an instrumental exploration of layered electronic melodies with loose and improvised guitar, bass and synth lines. This is the unpretentious sound of a man making warm and inviting music the way he wants to, when he wants to.

Be sure to listen to Eat Electricity’s other work through soundcloud and look out for another project in probably a month or two.

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