Frida Blomberg kicked off the year by being chosen as one of six producers – out of 166 – to participate in the new Norwegian mentor program by GramArt for emerging talent, with Kåre Vestrheim as her mentor. Now, after years of playing as an improviser in the experimental scene, she’s set to embark on a solo path.

Closer is the first sample of her new endeavour. The organic is fused with the digital as string arrangements weave with gentle electronic textures like flower petals. It’s dreamy with a thin cinematic veil of sadness as she laments about trying to be intimate in a relationship, yet, neither party understands the other.

Frida Blomberg has been studying Music Technology at NTNU and the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. While studying she played concerts as an improviser, with a unique combination of electronic music and vocal-processing, in all the Nordic countries.