Kamaliza See's A Future With You In UK Garage Inspired Zenith

Kamaliza See’s A Future With You In UK Garage Inspired “Zenith”

Originally the front-man of Olympic Ayres, Kamaliza John Salamba switched into a different direction to focus on his own material influenced by the music he grew up on. Now with two singles under his name including “Zermatt” and “Zanzibar”, which were released two years ago and one year ago, respectively, Kamaliza finally returns with the third of the “Z” trilogy, Zenith.

Inspired by the beginning of a new relationship, Zenith wobbles and ebbs with a killer UK garage influence like the reservations and simultaneous enthusiasm that consumes us during this uncertain period. It’s frightening, blinding, exciting, and deafening, and Kamaliza wants to push through with trust, patience, and understanding in hopes to lure each other out of their irrevocable shells.

Speaking about the single, the multi-faceted artist says:

“I’ve always been inspired by the UK Garage scene, I have a romantic imagination as to what that would’ve been like in the 90’s & ‘Zenith’ pays homage to that era. I needed to create something that was warm and understanding, but in a key that represented uncertainty, with lyrics that were unabashed, confident & reassuring.”

Another three singles are due for release in the next year.

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