Lolahiko Shares Their Bleak Story With Plastic

Lolahiko Shares Their Bleak Story With “Plastic”

The last we heard from the new dark pop duo Lolahiko (Lauren Marie and Ike Kawaguchi) was for their tragic Murderer. They’ve now released their The Year We Died But Stayed Alive EP which features a much somber side of the band titled Plastic.

Plastic details the sordid tale of being a life size fuck doll and all the torment that’s endured from violations of the mind and soul. There’s no light here, only intestines that twist and heave for an escape from a decrepit closet that whispers of secrets and falsehoods. A twinkle in the eyes drives to a melancholy madness of blood lust with gentle percussions and the terse muted shrieks of fallen dreams. Devoured smiles and death rattling spines made of weeping black knives will soon feast.

The Year We Died But Stayed Alive will fit perfectly with the looming dead winter spent in your dungeon of a home.