Listen To Lolahiko's Provocative Second Single "Murderer"

Listen To Lolahiko’s Provocative Second Single “Murderer”

Lolahiko is a new Los Angeles duo comprised of singer/songwriter Lauren Marie and vocalist/producer Ike Kawaguchi. Their second single is a dark and industrial song about rage titled Murderer, that came from an “anger that stems from the one you love… that makes you want to punch holes in the walls and dig your fingernails into your arms,” explained Marie. That rage seethes through Marie’s evocative lyrics of a love gone horribly wrong. Pulsating drums with goth inflected notes and woeful strings take you to a mysterious and unsettling place. Splashes of black and grey noise with blots of red paint a picture of anger, desperation, love, and depression.

Why you’d lie to me?/ Your body on the ground/ You barely made a sound/ You won’t betray me now/ You’ll never lie to me/ I’m a murderer

On November 11, look for Lolahiko’s debut EP, The Year We Died But Stayed Alive, covering their roller coaster year that had to be yelled, cried, screamed – and then played and sung.