Marie Dahlstrom Shares The Delicious New Like Sand

Marie Dahlstrom Shares The Delicious New “Like Sand”

A lot has happened since Marie Dahlstrom released “Bring Me Back” like releasing her “Kanel” EP and achieving major publication and radio airplay. She’s also been writing and producing new material for her just-announced debut album titled ‘Like Sand’.

With the announcement comes the title track featuring guitarist Beau Diako. Based around a chord progression that Marie originally wrote at her parent’s home in Denmark, Like Sand serves as a cautionary tale with Dalhstrom explaining:

“‘Like Sand’ is a song about fear. It’s about caring about someone – but expressing it in the wrong way – the fear of losing. It is something I think a lot of people can relate to; either being treated this way – or treating someone this way. Fundamentally, it is very human to fear loss, but holding on to someone too tight, will only make them hold on to you a little less. With this song, I hope that people who are treating their loved ones this way will meet this behaviour and feeling with patience, awareness and willingness to change.”

Alongside Diako’s slick guitar work is a delicious mix of R&B and jazz-hop with swift piano notes and Dahlstrom’s warm honeycomb vocals.

Recorded between LA, Copenhagen and London – ‘Like Sand’ features collaborations with the likes of South London soul singer James Vickery, California based songwriter and producer Jeremy Passion, Brooklyn based singer/producer Elijah Fox, British guitarist Beau Diako – and more.

Marie Dahlstrom’s debut album ‘Like Sand’ is out May 22nd, 2020.

‘Like Sand’ Track list:

1. No Pair Without 2
2. Like Sand (Feat. Beau Diako)
3. Time
4. Home With You
5. Wandering
6. Through Your Eyes (With Jeremy Passion)
7. You
8. A Loveletter – An Improvisation
9. I Don’t Wanna Wake Up (Feat. James Vickery)
10. Ordinary Love
11. I Want You (With Elijah Fox)
12. Something To Say
13. Lullaby (With Charles Jacques)
14. Summer Evenings (Feat. Aligo)