Premiere Sarah Jordan Teases New LP With Venus

Sarah Jordan Teases New LP With “Venus”

Singer-songwriter Sarah Jordan’s forthcoming album, “Dressed in the Dark,” is a collection of songs that traverse through the last few years of her life. Weaved between the anxiety, heartbreak, and hope is a tapestry of jazz, soul, and hip-hop with newfound confidence.

Venus is the second single to be released from the album and focuses on the sudden realization that someone you thought you knew is anything but, like an ugly wound that won’t heal. Of the single, Jordan says:

I started scribbling it on the program while seeing Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” at the Nashville Symphony and finished it more than a year later while on a 2-month gig in Mackinac Island, MI. I filtered through a lot during that time period regarding how I’d let someone treat me. “Venus” just scratches the surface of the complexities of loving someone toxic and trying to understand why people accept less than they deserve.

The unassuming intro blossoms with a pitter patter and soulful harmonies that crescendo into the atmosphere and back.

Sarah Jordan’s “Dressed in the Dark” is due out February 14.

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