Dog Trainer Tackles Anxiety On Dumb Paranoia

Dog Trainer Tackles Anxiety On “Dumb Paranoia”

Following last month’s ‘2019’, NYC-based duo Dog Trainer share Dumb Paranoia off their forthcoming album ‘Scrolling to feel better…part one’. Written and recorded while in quarantine, Dumb Paranoia captures late-night existential dread that smells like shotguns and razor wire. Like ‘2019’, Dumb Paranoia swells with electronic elements and anxiety before one last final exhausted gasping breath.

Speaking on the song, Dog Trainer says:

“This song explores all the ‘dumb’ paranoid thoughts that keep us up at night (Am I gonna hate this tattoo when I’m 45 applying for a job I never wanted in the suburb where I grew up?) and the way those thoughts can snowball (Does my family think I’m lazy, that I’m wasting my whole twenties? Did I spend way too much money on that weekend down in Florida?). It was one of the earlier songs we wrote for the album, and was sort of a breakthrough for us in terms of the level of detail we were able to put in the lyrics. We realized the opportunity we had to share what we were really going through on this release.”

Watch the accompanying video for Dumb Paranoia here. ‘Scrolling to feel better…part one’ is due out March 26.