StéLouse Shares Inspiring "Periscope"

StéLouse Shares Inspiring “Periscope”

Denver’s StéLouse knows all about defying genres and creating unique auditory experiences for his listeners. Periscope is his latest song, one which he performed during a you guessed it, Periscope session. Chimes and assorted playful sounds open beneath hyper chipmunk vocals, leading into a majestic instrumental. As things turn down a bit, it kicks into boundary pushing territory with an emphatic jazz session. Big dancing synths weave through the chopped vocals and keys, leaving you in awe the first time you hear it. With an abundance of magical textures, Periscope puts StéLouse in a place other producers should strive for – being different.

You can grab a free copy of Periscope over at bandcamp and look out for StéLouse on tour around the states.