ËMMË And Erotic Cafe Bring The Tun Up With KG Man

ËMMË And Erotic Cafe Bring The “Tun Up” With KG Man

Originally hailing from Sydney, and now a Vancouver resident, ËMMË grew up with a classical and jazz background before he got into producing. This week, he teamed up with Italian producer, Erotic Cafe for the massive Tun Up.

Released through Ones To Watch Records, Tun Up fuses various styles including Middle Eastern hymns that set off into colossal drums while KG Man jumps in and electrifies the track. Violent synths rush into a blitzkrieg of dance floor mayhem that will erupt the room into a battlefield. When the flesh is burned and torn from a hail of sound, the shattered skeletons will dance the dance of death.

“This really started when I cut together a few ideas and sent them over to Erotic Cafe,” explained ËMMË. “We knew we had something crazy right away – like an awesome mix of genres and flavours. Then we slotted in KG Man’s epic vocals and track just took off by itself.”