All The Luck In The World Share Video For Stunning Contrails

All The Luck In The World Share Video For Stunning “Contrails”

It often only takes 20 seconds to figure out if I’m going to skip a new song and go on to the next. All The Luck In The World’s new Contrails was not one of those.

Created by three Berlin-based Irish songwriters, Neil Foot, Ben Connolly and Kelvin Barr, a gentle hum with tender instrumentation and emotive vocals flutter, roll, and tumble with a nimble, fragile touch. Mixed with personal and relatable lyrics, it’s like a secret being whispered in your ear with the nostalgic breath of summer. A gradual build of warm, organic elements and harmonies coalesce into a climactic outpouring of changing tides and fleeting memories.

Ben Connolly provided some insight into the single and video:

“‘Contrails’ was one of the first songs we started working on for this record. The lyrical framework for the song came about as a result of us giving some time to the thought that peoples lives often cross paths in such arbitrary situations, and that meaningful connections can occur even in seemingly fleeting moments. We thought about the idea of mapping the trajectory of peoples lives, and how these chance encounters would be little intersections in these paths, and that’s sort of what got us thinking about how it looks when the contrails of planes cross paths in the sky.

As for the music video, it’s a different storyline. Thomas approached us and told us that he had some ideas for our music, and we had some discussion about collaborating. We were really impressed by Thomas Vernay’s catalogue of work, and decided that for this song we would give him free reign to interpret the piece of music himself, and to create a story accordingly. Thomas had a clear vision and it turned to be a nice opportunity for us to see a different way in which our music could be interpreted.”

All The Luck In The World’s forthcoming album, “A Blind Arcade”, is due February 23.

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