Dream Harlowe Shares Video For Stunning Blue Baby

Dream Harlowe Shares Video For Stunning “Blue Baby”

Following her debut single, Moarte, Dream Harlowe returns with another stunning single titled, Blue Baby. Much like Moarte, the Baby Blue demo was nothing but Harlowe’s distinct vocals over a beat and an Omnichord. With the help of Seattle-based producer Andy Meyer, the duo added additional synthesizers and vocal work. The end result is a melancholic beauty with dissonant harmonies and Harlowe’s aforementioned vocals. They quiver with the smokey tendrils of despair and echo through a brooding soundscape adorned with astral clusters. Like a doe lost in the glittering fog, caught in a snare and waiting for the crunch of a jaw, the moan of a wolf.

Accompanying the release is a video, comprised entirely of VHS tapes of Harlowe as a child. She said that the exercise of editing this footage was cathartic and inspirational. “My darkness honors the shadows inside you. My light acknowledges your own.”

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