Grab Toronto’s Wavvy Frog’s “Let It Go” EP For Free

We first heard about Toronto’s Wavvy Frog from his track “How Long” on Exhume’s About You Pt.2 compilation which we featured back in May. After hearing his new EP Let It Go, we were kind of  surprised at how incredible it was. Where’d this guy come from?

Opener Think Of U starts things out heavy and will quickly get you moving as it bangs and shines with those synths. Grab some m for the rest of the EP. Let It Go’s vocal chops could set off a party as everyone heads to their miserable day jobs during that 8am public transit rush. Insta mood lifter. There’s some house influences on Learn 2 Luv and the future bass vibes continue through Pull Up. 

Great as club tunes or for when playing Quake, Let It Go is more than a solid first effort from such an unknown artist, and it’s available for free on his bandcamp. It’s hard to feel shitty when you’re listening to Wavvy Frog and we’re excited to see what else he comes up with in the future.

Wavvy Frog