Monumental Men Call For Strength Vs. Fear, The Enemy

Monumental Men Call For Strength Vs. Fear, The “Enemy”

Artist-producers BIRU and Melvyn Buss are the Swiss mastermind duo behind Monumental Men. Their latest is dark and brooding, with the leaden plod of rallying drums, cinematic strings that howl with narrowed eyes, and mounting rich vocals, unnerved and unwavering, they are a battle cry for strength and profound self-development. Accompanying the single is a simple video featuring a cast of characters in monochrome, which only adds to the bold, brooding nature.

Speaking of the single, Monumental Men say:

“Frustration is a beautiful thing. We’d do everything to avoid it – and become better at what we do because of it. That’s the story of Enemy: gathering the strength to tackle our demons until the reason for our tears becomes a cause for a celebratory group-hug.”

Watch their call to arms here and look for their new EP in February.

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